5 Valuable Financial Tips to Follow, Both During and After Divorce

In most instances, if not well planned, financial impacts of a divorce can cripple your finances and income sources. Don’t forget the pain that comes with having to undergo the dissolution, which, in most cases, can be long-lasting. As such, it always advisable to plan so you can keep the losses at manageable levels. Usually, […]

Top 5 Divorce Settlements of All Time

At some point during the divorce process, husband and wife (often with the help of their lawyers) create a divorce settlement. This document is meant to serve as a legal outline of which resources and responsibilities are given to each spouse. Divorce settlements often define child custody arrangements, set spousal support, and resolve property issues. […]

Is Having a Bad Divorce Attorney Better Than No Attorney?

Going through a divorcecan be a miserable time in anyone’s life, yet can be greatly aided and expedited by the help of a skilled and experienced divorce attorney. But what happens if the only possibility is hiring inexperienced representation freshly out of a fourth-tier law school? Should you still hire them on, or chance your […]

5 Questions You Should Ask Your Attorney Before Hiring Them

The judiciary system is complex in any country. It becomes difficult for people to move through the complex labyrinth on their own and they need help in the form of an attorney. It is the same with needing a doctor or a mechanic; they help fix things that people don’t know to fix by themselves. […]

What Questions Should You Ask Your Divorce Attorney?

Divorces happen with a fair amount of frequency. In most cases, the divorcing parties will seek and require the assistance of a divorce attorney.Divorce attorneys can be very helpful in making sure that the party they represent is treated according to the law. A divorce attorney will play a critical role in the outcome of […]

Commonly Listed Legal Grounds for Divorce

Not all love stories are bound to end happily ever after. Unlike in fairy tales, marriages in real life are usually beset with various problems. As a consequence, many couples who no longer wish to reconcile their differences often consider filing for divorce just to end their suffering. A number of factors come into play […]

What You Can Do to Reduce the Cost of Your Divorce

Sometimes couples, who want to be divorced, cannot afford to become legally divorced. Divorce is not always the neat little separation package it appears to be on the surface. Everything about a person’s life including property, finances, and children can contribute to the necessity for legal fees, attorney fees, and a host of other fees […]

The Current State of Same-Sex Marriage in Utah

SALT LAKE CITY – The current state of gay marriage in Utah is… limbo. As weawait a legal decision, I cannot help but thinking back to my first real brush with this topic. It was just a few days before Christmas in 2013 and I was fretting over buying gifts for family and friends as […]

Why Is January Deemed “Divorce Month”

No matter the reason, there is no “perfect” time to file for a divorce. However, it does appear that most people in the United States feel that January happens to be the right time to do so. According to statistics published by, January a significantly larger amount of breakups than any other month of […]

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