Text Message Divorce

In Jarkarta Indonesia, after just four days of marriage to his 17-year old bride, Aceng Fikri terminated the union through a text message. Aceng ended the marriage due to his now ex-wife claiming to be a virgin, when she allegedly was not. The public became outraged over the divorce, and the preceding marriage when Fani, […]

What NOT to do in Court

We here at Schmidt Law take a great deal of pride in our reputation as a firm. We are known for our exceptional professionalism. It seems however an occasional reminder of courtroom decorum is called for. This was discussed in a previous blog.So instead of rehashing what is appropriate for court, this blog will provide […]

Common Salt Lake City Family Lawyer Questions

Family Law can be a complicated and overwhelming process for those who are not familiar with it? It encompasses several different services and areas of law, ranging from custody to divorce to power of attorney issues. If you’re not an attorney specializing in family law, you may have several questions about the process and what […]

Statutory Analysis VS Case Law Analysis in Utah

There are several different methods that Salt Lake city attorneys can use to analyze and interpret laws. The two that we’re going to focus on here are Statutory and Case Law. These two methods are related to each other but are entirely different in their nature. Knowing the difference between these methods is important, you […]

The Benefit of Utah Legal Servicess

People are often unsure if they need an attorney to help them with their family law matters. If you are thinking about filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, it is important to obtain the advice of an experienced family law attorney. The justice system, family law statutes and procedural requirements for […]

Why Experience Matters When Hiring A Utah Attorney

Imagine riding the white water of the Colorado River during peak season armed with nothing more than a guidebook, a canoe, and a paddle. Imagine trying to navigate through giant rapids, steer around boulders the size of trucks, and stay afloat without the aid of a strong raft, proper equipment, and an experienced river guide. […]

How to Become a Family Law Attorney

For some, becoming a family law attorney is a lifelong dream, as it provides the opportunity to mitigate the often painful situations that occur among unsatisfied family members. But unfortunately while many individuals may wish to dive into this new and exciting field, few understand the prerequisites and training necessary to emerge as a skilled […]

Domestic Partners Can Secure Relationship Rights in Contract Law

Utah is not a state that recognizes the rights of couples, whether same-sex or heterosexual, who are committed to each other but do not marry (unless they are heterosexual and “hold themselves out to the community as a married couple”). Couples that choose to live together outside the marital relationship (or same-sex couples who cannot […]

Guatemalan Mother Alleges Immigration Fraud Against Adoption Agency

U.S. State Department officials have declined to pursue the case of a Guatemalan child who was kidnapped from her home by a Guatemalan adoption agency and legally adopted by a Missouri couple six years ago. The State Department informed Guatemala’s government that because the two countries had not signed the Hague Convention on the Civil […]

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