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Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys, Schmidt Law Firm.  Schedule a Consultation with Salt Lake City Divorce Attorneys, our office serves all of Utah.  Our professionals serve the entire state of Utah! Located in the heart of Salt Lake County, our growing firm is backed by an experienced team who’ve represented the Greater Salt Lake Area for over 25 years in areas such as: Utah DUI, criminal defense, paternity law, family law, divorce law, adoption, custody, and child support disputes.

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With over 25 years of experience in the Greater Salt Lake Area, we have professional attorneys ready to assist you in the areas of Criminal Defense, DUI, Divorce, Child Support, Adoption, Family Law, and more!

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Integrity is what we value at Schmidt Law. You can be confident the legal counsel received will allow you to exercise your rights, empower you with options, and provide you with the tools necessary to make an informed decision.

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Utah Attorney Specialties



Adoptions can be a complicated process. We can explain and make all the arrangements needed during the adoption process. Give us a call and schedule your consultation today!



Experiencing issues with child support? We have a seasoned team in child support enforcement & child support adjustment requirements and can help you.


Criminal Defense

In need of criminal defense? Our seasoned team ensure your rights are protected & aggressively defended against criminal charges. We are efficient and effective.


Utah DUI

Unexpected DUI’s can have harsh punishments. Whether it’s alcohol or another substance, our Salt Lake County DUI attorney can help.



Child Custody disputes can be a very stressful time. Our seasoned team can represent you effectively and will always have your and your child’s best interest in mind.



Need advice on a legal separation or divorce in Utah? Our team is efficient and effective. We have helped hundreds successfully navigate the divorce process.


Family Law

As a seasoned team, we are known for how aggressively and effectively we fight for you. Call our Salt Lake County attorney office today.



We can represent non-custodial parents granted visitation rights by the court. Contact the Schmidt law firm for your consultation.

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