Parenting Plan

What is a Parenting Plan?

Of course it outlines how the parents will raise their children after a divorce and encourages them to think about how decisions will be made to better resolve disagreements. Again, this provides better stability and less stress and anxiety on the children and on you after the divorce. Also a parenting plan is required by law under joint custody agreements, but is also permitted in other parenting agreements.

What is included in a Parenting Plan?

In the first place, a parenting plan can include any topic you would like, but there are state-mandated requirements:

  • 1. You must include the methods by which you will resolve a disagreement. A parent who uses a dispute resolution in bad faith may be required to pay penalties or even attorney’s fees to the other parent.
  • 2. A residential schedule that outlines where the child will sleep on particular days, including birthdays, holidays, etc…
  • 3. A statement that outlines whether one parent, the other, or both parents will make decisionas about education, healthcare and religious values and upbrining. A parenting plan cannot prevent one parent or the other from a) making day-to-day decisions about the child while the child is living with the parent, and b) either parent can make emergency decisions about health and safety.
  • 4. A plan in case one parent wants to relocate. The plan must state the amount of notice that the relocating parent will give and the changes in parent-time, such as who will pay for the child’s travel and how the parent-time schedule might change.

Checklist for Parenting Plan –

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Parenting Plan –

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Pointers for Parents and Parenting Plans –

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