In most instances, if not well planned, financial impacts of a divorce can cripple your finances and income sources. Don’t forget the pain that comes with having to undergo the dissolution, which, in most cases, can be long-lasting. As such, it always advisable to plan so you can keep the losses at manageable levels. Usually, […]

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Es bien sabido que ciudades como Arizona y Alabama rechazan a los inmigrantes y están hacienda todo lo posible (y lo imposible) para mantenerlos fuera de sus territorios. Solo por nombrar algunas de las acciones antiinmigrantes, mencionaré al Sheriff Joe Arpaio y su esfuerzo por hacer cumplir leyes discriminantes basadas en el perfil racial. El […]

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Criminal Law

Isn’t the internet great? Internet technology allows us to communicate with friends and family around the world. It also allows us to purchase items while scheduling shipments directly to our homes. We can complete university degree programs on our own time and hold business meetings with people in different countries, all with the click of […]

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Family Law

In Utah, if you get a woman to whom you are not married pregnant, you have to act quickly if you don’t want your child to be adopted out from under your nose. In fact, even if you don’t live in Utah, but the potential adoptive parents of your child live in Utah, you must […]

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Utah Divorce Advice

Recently, the country music superstar, Mindy McCready was accused of unlawfully keeping her son, whom she did not have custody. McCready’s mother has custody of the star’s 5 year old son. A Florida court issued an order for law enforcement authorities to pick-up the child from McCready once she could be located with the child. […]

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