How an Attorney Can Help You With an Adoption

The decision to adopt is one backed by altruism and the desire to give another’s child a chance at a bright future, and should be something that leaves you feeling both proud and elated. But while during this period you may want to rejoice and celebrate, you should also understand the many legal issues that […]

Common Types of Adoption Scams and How to Legally Protect Yourself

Each year, over one million Americans begin the adoption process. It is long and arduous, often consisting of wait lists and uncertainty. Sometimes, it can even involve fraud. Adoption scams are more commonplace than most people realize. When proper legal courses aren’t followed, prospective parents and birth families alike can find themselves vulnerable to adoption […]

Adoptions on the Decline

Policies are getting stricter when it comes to adopting overseas children. A rising demand for babies and a declining interest in older children means many kids looking for a new home will face tough odds. More and more people are looking to adopt overseas children and would rather bear the cumbersome wait and paperwork than […]

Utah Same Sex Adoption Laws

The legalization of same sex marriage in Utah this October brought extensive adoption law changes you need to know about. The laws cover children born to one of the partners, birthed by a surrogate or adopted from a private party or foster care. Adoptions by gay couples were recently put on hold while the Supreme […]

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