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Recent Decisions from the Utah Court of Appeals

In Clarke v. Clarke, husband challenged several decisions made by the district court in entering the divorce decree, particularly concerning the court’s property distribution, and its decisions to award full legal and physical custody of the parties’ children to wife. Husband also challenged the district court’s decision to hold him in contempt and award related […]

Common Salt Lake City Family Lawyer Questions

Family Law can be a complicated and overwhelming process for those who are not familiar with it? It encompasses several different services and areas of law, ranging from custody to divorce to power of attorney issues. If you’re not an attorney specializing in family law, you may have several questions about the process and what […]

How to Find Quality Utah Legal Services

If you needed surgery, you would want to know that you had access to the best doctors available. Similarly, when confronted with a legal issue, it is vitally important to connect with the lawyers and services that will best help you reach your goals. Luckily for Utah residents, there are several directories and associations that […]

The Benefit of Utah Legal Services

People are often unsure if they need an attorney to help them with their family law matters. If you are thinking about filing for divorce or have been served with divorce papers, it is important to obtain the advice of an experienced family law attorney. The justice system, family law statutes and procedural requirements for […]

How to Find a Good Utah Attorney

There are more than 7,300 attorneys actively practicing law in the state of Utah. Attorney ads hang from billboards and cover the front pages of newspapers and telephone books. With so many choices, it can be difficult to sift through the information to find a good Utah attorney. Any attorney can pay to place an […]