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Utah Child Support Calculators

Below you will find Utah Child Support Calculators to calculate child support amounts. Results are for estimating purposes only.

Click here for the Utah Office of Recovery Services Child Support Calculator

Whether you’re new to the concept of child support or are looking to reevaluate how much you should pay or receive each month, an official child support calculator is a valuable tool. A child support calculator can help determine how much you owe or should be receiving based on income and how many children you have.

But before you begin calculating a number, you need to understand the basics of child support and what this type of payment might cover.

Understanding the Basics of Child Support

Child support is a type of court-ordered payment arrangement when a couple is no longer together but children are involved. This arrangement requires that the non-custodial parent pay the primary caregiver each month to help cover the children’s expenses, which might include:

  • Basic necessities
  • Medical care
  • Educational fees
  • Entertainment
  • Extracurricular activities

The amount of support paid each month is determined by the court based on both parents’ income and how many children they have. Under certain circumstances, either parent might request a payment modification.

Can You Adjust Your Child Support Payment?

If your income has changed, then you might consider filing a modification order. This type of request essentially asks the court to consider changing the amount of child support you’re either paying or receiving.

However, the process isn’t always simple: You will have to fill out specific pieces of paperwork that will require a reason behind your request and proof as to why you need it. Because there’s a lot of work that goes into this type of request, it’s best to have a lawyer by your side when writing a modification order.

How Is Child Support Calculated in Utah?

When it comes to calculating child support, each state has a different set of requirements that must be met. In Utah, the general guidelines for this type of calculation focus on three important things, which are:

  • Base child support
  • Medical care
  • Child care expenses

The court may then use a base combined child support obligation table to help calculate the cost. The table considers both parents’ combined adjusted gross income and how many children they have. But each situation has the potential to be unique—which is why you should always work with an experienced family law attorney.

Using Utah’s Child Support Calculator

If you’re curious to see how much you may owe or receive in child support payments, start by checking out Utah’s Department of Human Services’ child support calculator.

This calculator is only there to serve as a guideline for estimations since the final decision is in the hands of the court, but it’s a great way to get a good idea of how much you might need to pay.

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