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A note of appreciation to you Stacey for providing me the help that you have. I know I need it and feel comfortable and at ease with your professionalism and abilities to help me on my divorce.

– James Mag


Family Law Firm, Salt Lake City Law Firms

Family Law Firm, Salt Lake City Law Firm

Family Law Firm, Salt Lake City Law Firm, Schmidt Law Firm,  located conveniently off I-215 in Cottonwood Heights.  In the first place our well established firm is backed by an experienced legal team.  This team has represented Utah for over 25 years.   Not only specializing in family law, but also criminal law.  Areas of expertise include divorce, adoption, custody, child support disputes.  In addition the practice includes areas such as criminal, estate planning, contract, real estate negotiation, domestic violence cases.

Moreover consulting with our firm ensures that you are getting the best legal advice for your situation.  In addition our innovative, quick thinking, legal minds empower you with the tools necessary to make informed decisions for you and your family.

Family Law is what we do. Integrity is what we value.  We are the Schmidt Law Firm.

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