Utah Child Support in Salt Lake City, Utah

Utah Child Support in Salt Lake City, Utah

What is Utah Child Support?

First of all, child support refers to the amount of money owed by a parent to care for their minor children. Moreover, child support currently calculated based upon the gross incomes of each party.  Also, the number of children the parties have in common.  And the number of overnights the children spend with each parent and other important factors. In addition, depending on the circumstances, other minor children residing in a parent’s home may alter calculating child support.

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In Utah, child support is the right of the child.  This right includes entitlement to receive financial support from both parents until he/she turns eighteen or graduates from high school, whichever occurs later. The calculation based on the Utah Child Support Guidelines. Parents generally may not agree to waive or alter a child support obligation, unless there is a showing of sufficient extenuating circumstances. Additionally, obligation ensues to pay half of all child care and medical expenses incurred on behalf of a child.

Additional Utah Child Support Orders Might be Needed…

  • Tax Exemption Orders: Which Spouse can claim the children as dependents?
  • Enforcement Orders: Used if child support is not being paid as already ordered.
  • Modification Orders: Needed to change a previous order if income or circumstances of a parent changes
  • Foreign Registration Order: Before recognizing a child support order from another state, you must file a foreign registration order in Utah.

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