Utah Considers Alimony Modification

House Bill 236, in the Utah legislature is creating some talk amongst those practicing family law. According to the bill, it “expands the circumstances under which a court may order alimony, and it increases the length of time alimony may be awarded.” Currently there are three main factors the court considers in determining the appropriateness […]

Immigration News-Woman assures she was discriminated against because she is Hispanic

Mayra Mejia is an immigrant from Honduras, who has been living in the US for more than 10 years. She was driving when a police officer pulled her over. Mayra was terrified because she had no driver’s license and she has had a Deportation Order since 2003. The woman knew that being in contact with […]

Recent Decisions from the Utah Court of Appeals

In Clarke v. Clarke, husband challenged several decisions made by the district court in entering the divorce decree, particularly concerning the court’s property distribution, and its decisions to award full legal and physical custody of the parties’ children to wife. Husband also challenged the district court’s decision to hold him in contempt and award related […]


Es bien sabido que inmigrantes provenientes de diferentes países especialmente inmigrantes Hispanos trabajan cosechando los compos Americanos. Estos inmigrantes han estado haciendao por varias décadas éste trabajo, siendo ellos parte crucial en el desarrollo de ésta industria. Debido a que los inmigrantes ilegales han visto amenazada su libertad para trabajar en algunos estados como Arizona […]

Karren v. Karren

The Utah Court of Appeals affirmed the district court’s order denying husband’s motion to disqualify all civil and judicial authorities who are also members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). “Rule 63(b) of the Utah Rules of Civil Procedure requires that a motion to disqualify “shall be accompanied by an affidavit […]

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