Immigration News-Woman assures she was discriminated against because she is Hispanic

Mayra Mejia is an immigrant from Honduras, who has been living in the US for more than 10 years. She was driving when a police officer pulled her over. Mayra was terrified because she had no driver’s license and she has had a Deportation Order since 2003. The woman knew that being in contact with the authorities could place her on the other side of the American border. As a result, her first reaction was to move to the back seat and pretend her girlfriend was the one who was driving the car.

Once the police officer was close to Mayra’s car, he pulled her out of it, pushed her against the hood of the vehicle, used his knees to force her to lie on the hood and handcuffed her. According to Mayra, this moment was terrible; the police officer used his whole strength and made bruises on her body. To demonstrate how the aggression of the police officer harmed her and to support her complaint against him, she took pictures of her injures.

Mayra feels totally discriminated against because the police officer was making fun of her saying “You are an immigrant and I will send you back to your country.”

As a consequence of the abuse Mayra said she suffered, the immigration authorities have delayed her deportation. They verified Mayra does not have a criminal record; as a result, her deportation is not a priority. In the meantime, immigration authorities want to investigate those facts actually occurred or not.

In addition, Mayra received a Supervision Order and will receive a driver’s license, a work authorization and the opportunity to remain in the country taking care of her 10-year old son who is an American Citizen. As a single mother, Mayra is the only person who can take care of her son who has special needs.

Mayra will attend Court in May 2013. She will be told if her Supervision Order will be extended or not. However, Mayra’s attorney will fight to revoke Mayra’s Deportation Order.

If you think you have been abused by any authorities, seek legal counsel with a licensed Utah immigration attorney who will advise you correctly.

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