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Recent Decisions from the Utah Court of Appeals

In Clarke v. Clarke, husband challenged several decisions made by the district court in entering the divorce decree, particularly concerning the court’s property distribution, and its decisions to award full legal and physical custody of the parties’ children to wife. Husband also challenged the district court’s decision to hold him in contempt and award related […]

How to Find a Quality Utah Divorce Attorney

A divorce is painful and excruciatingly difficult no matter what circumstance one is in. hiring aprofessional and dependable divorce attorney allows for an individual to get out of a non-working relationship with their remaining respect and dignity. It is easy to get embroiled in the emotional exhausting side of a divorce proceeding and the affected […]

Divorce Attorney All Stars: 10 Most Expensive Divorces

Filing a divorceis financially stressful. In fact, it is estimated that at least 30 percent increase in monthly income is necessary in order to sustain your lifestyle after getting a divorce. Research also shows that in the United States alone, divorce cases usually amount to more than $100 billion every year. Understandably, this is a […]

Fact or Fiction – Are Mothers More Likely to Get Custody of Children?

It is common knowledge that a child, no matter what age he or she is at, is more attached to the mother. It is both a biological fact and an unexplainable emotional bond. This belief is tested most in courts during a divorce proceeding when the question of a child’s custody arises. Most states do […]

What Factors Are Considered In Custody Disputes

In child custody disputes there are several factors that are considered to help determine the most correct outcome. When child custody cannot be resolved amicably between the parents or guardians involved in a family court, then the dispute will be escalated to a judge or jury trial to establish the necessary custody arrangements. Once a […]