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Fact or Fiction – Are Mothers More Likely to Get Custody of Children?

It is common knowledge that a child, no matter what age he or she is at, is more attached to the mother. It is both a biological fact and an unexplainable emotional bond. This belief is tested most in courts during a divorce proceeding when the question of a child’s custody arises. Most states do […]

How an Attorney Can Help You With an Adoption

The decision to adopt is one backed by altruism and the desire to give another’s child a chance at a bright future, and should be something that leaves you feeling both proud and elated. But while during this period you may want to rejoice and celebrate, you should also understand the many legal issues that […]

Types of Child Custody and How They Affect Payments

Divorce is always a tricky and emotionally draining process. When children are involved, tensions escalate even higher. One of the things that gets discussed during divorce proceedings is money—how assets will be divided, how much alimony is due, and how much child support will be required. It can get complicated quickly, which is why it’s […]

Same Sex Marriage Now Legal in Utah

The State of Gay Marriage in Utah Same-sex marriage has been a topic of much debate in the State of Utah since last December, 2013, when U.S. District Judge Robert Shelby found that Utah State Code 30-1-2(5), which prohibited and declared void any marriages “between persons of the same sex” to be in contradiction “with […]

5 Things Commonly Overlooked in a Divorce Settlement

Divorce laws in the state of Utah allow either party to appeal decisions made by the presiding judge if they think he has made a legal error. However, appeals must be filed within 30 days of the divorce decree entry or the decision stands as a binding decision. Unfortunately, divorce is an emotionally and financially […]