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As human beings, we have the capacity to do the most awful things, even to each other. Domestic violence may not have the same battle cry or scars of other crimes.  Nonetheless a violation of our freedoms, a denial of human rights and, in the simplest terms, an attack. Surviving a crime of this nature may be no easy feat. The support, expertise and integrity in dealing with domestic violence Utah residents have come to rely on can be found here, in the legal team of Schmidt Law Firm


What is Domestic Violence?

First of all, in the state of Utah, domestic violence is an act of or attempted act of violence toward a cohabitant.  Moreover, this includes even the threat of such an act. Cohabitant defined as current or ex-spouse, blood relation and relationships that resemble marriage or those sharing a residence. Examples of domestic violence may be:

  • Harassment : This is any badgering, threatening or intimidating action.
  • Stalking : The act of watching, tracking or following someone are examples.
  • Assault: One of the most serious of domestic violence offenses, and almost always pertains to injury.
  • Violation of Protective Order: Any violation of any type of protection order may result in additional charges, or multiple counts.

Above common causes for filed charges, and, as the list says, these offenses range from verbal to physical. It is important to understand what rights you have, what options are available and what to do first.

Protecting Yourself from Domestic Violence

Not surprisingly, the safety and protection of the victim is paramount.  This reflected by the laws governing the consequences of domestic violence. It is one of the few non-felony situations where an arrest considered the appropriate action.  This directive based on the efforts to provide safety and security for the victim. The degree of consequence will rely on the particulars of the offense.  While multiple convictions are subject to increased terms of punishment, such as time of incarceration.

Ex parte orders illuminate this safety first action perhaps more than any other laws pertaining to domestic violence. An ex parte order simply is an order that dictates that the accused must avoid contact, either phone, workplace visits and so on, and does not require the defendant to be notified of the order before issuing.

Protection orders can also be obtained for extended periods of time following the hearing, or even have existing protection orders extended. With these types of protection orders, the defendant must be notified.

Criminal Law Experts

Getting help is the first step. The Utah Domestic Violence Coalition is a good source to get some information and more details, but we here at Schmidt Law Firm encourage you to contact us for detailed and accurate information. If there has been an accusation of domestic violence or other issues like divorce , custody or criminal defense, we have more than 20 years of experience, specializing but not limited to family law.

Let us help you to find the best resolution, navigate the often confusing legal jargon and unfamiliar legal process while affording compassion, integrity and the best counsel possible. Contact us here or call 801-990-6390 to get on the road to getting through and past this ordeal with the best results.

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