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Schmidt Law Firm specializes in family and divorce law, with expertise in cases of adoption, child support, custody, divorce, and more. If you need of a dedicated attorney in Salt Lake City, Stacey Schmidt offers experience, compassion, and true tenacity.

At Schmidt Law, we understand that each case is unique, which is why we take immense pride in working with our clients to guarantee a smooth handling for the best results, no matter your case. With over 25 years of practice, you can trust us to work with you through the lengthy and often confusing processes that come with family and divorce law.

How Can Schmidt Law Help You?
Whether it’s a divorce, death, adoption, or another major event, we understand that dealing with family law usually coincides with a highly emotional time for those involved. In those times, it can be overwhelming to traverse the long-winded wording of critical legal documents and understand what you need to do to continue forward.

With decades of expertise in adoption, child support, custody disputes, divorce, and mediation, we here at Schmidt Law can support you during the tough times and celebrate the good times with you. Our attentive Salt Lake City attorneys will be at your side to help you no matter the complexity of the case. Learn more about how Schmidt Law Firm can assist you today.

Adoption is a special time for all the parties involved, but it can also be an arduous process legally. Many adoptions take between six and twelve months to finalize, so it’s in your best interest to have an expert family law attorney that can help guide you through the process.

Although the Utah Child and Family Services will help you through the necessary steps, it’s always advisable to have an attorney. Your adoption attorney from Schmidt Law will help you understand the law and prevent time-consuming errors.

Child Support
Child support is a court-ordered payment made by the noncustodial divorced parent to support their child, who may live with the primary caregiving parent.

The amount paid each month varies on the noncustodial parent’s income and is used to help finance living expenses such as food, diapers, clothing, activities, and other basic necessities for the child. If a parent refuses to pay, they can face consequences like license suspension, property seizure, or even jail time.

In some cases, the payee may request a payment modification. Payment modification is a long procedure to adjust the amount paid in child support. The process will require a petition, court jurisdiction, and special paperwork — which is why it’s essential to have an attorney working on your side.

Child Support Custody Disputes
A Custody dispute is one of the more significant concerns in family law. A custody dispute occurs when the parents or caretakers of a child can’t agree on the custody arrangements. Schmidt Law Firm’s Salt Lake City divorce attorneys are experts in the following custody areas:

  • Physical Custody
  • Legal Custody
  • Joint Legal Custody
  • Joint Physical Custody
  • Parent-Time Enforcement
  • Parenting Plans

Custody disputes are a critical concern since the child’s immediate welfare is at hand. Schmidt Law will work with you to ensure your child is protected.

Divorce can be a challenging transition to navigate through. Usually, both parties can be highly emotional and stressed, and often face having to sort through complex issues like division of property, alimony, child custody, and child support. The seasoned divorce attorneys in Salt Lake City are prepared to help guide you through all of these processes, including mediation.

Mediation is a great alternative to litigation. In mediation, you and your spouse will work through a neutral third-party to help resolve and come to agreements for any issues. This can include division of property or debts, custody disputes, or other issues unique to your case. Additionally, if you and your divorcing spouse have children, you are required to attend mediation according to Utah law. It is invaluable to have the insight of an attorney there with you at such assemblies.

Choosing a professional mediator is a crucial way to safeguard your interests and provide a smooth divorce process. When things are solved promptly, your time, and cash spent processing a divorce can be cut significantly.

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