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Dealing with the legality of family and divorce law can be a tense and trying time. The last thing you want is a lengthy and complicated process, which is why it’s best to hire a family law attorney that is experienced and can understand the nuances of your case.

Our team of trusted attorneys are attentive and understanding, which is why our firm is highly-rated by our clients. With over 25 years of practice in family and divorce law, Schmidt Law Firm aims for the best possible outcome in family court matters.

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If you’re looking for a family law lawyer who is devoted to their clients and keen on working for your best interest, then it’s time to consult with the team at Schmidt Law Firm.

Named as one of the top lawyers in 2012 by Best Lawyers, our team of attorneys understands how to win your case. Schmidt Law is conscious of the fact that family law can be a sensitive situation, so they approach every case with the empathy they would expect. We here at Schmidt Law can help you with adoption, child support, custody disputes, and mediation.

Adoption is an emotional time in any family’s life, but it’s often a prolonged process and commonly confusing for those who go through the adoption system.

Typically, adoptions in Utah take at least six months to finalize. You could already be in custody of the child, but your paperwork might not be complete for up to another year. That’s why you need a family lawyer on your side who can help meet the needs of all parties, including:

  • The biological parent(s)
  • The adoptive parent(s)
  • The adoptee
  • The agency
  • The courts

However, even when everybody agrees, there are still several steps to take.

Each case is unique. In situations where grandparents and stepparents want to adopt a child, the legal process can be even lengthier because of custody disputes. And if the child is twelve years of age or older, they must give consent to their adoptive parents.

The good news is that Schmidt Law well practiced in adoption cases. Our attorneys understand that adoption is an amazing and emotional time, but we can help ensure a smooth transition. Having an attorney also helps avoid any errors while also looking out for yours and the child’s best interests.

Child Support
Child support occurs when the noncustodial parent must pay a monthly sum to help support the child’s needs. These needs may include school supplies, activities, and necessities like medicine, clothing, diapers, and other health and hygiene items.

Sometimes, the noncustodial parent may request a payment modification, which is when a parent requests a change in their monthly payment. This can be a complicated process, especially if there is a dispute, which is why it’s best to have an attorney representing your case.

Custody Disputes
Custody disputes are one of the most common cases in family law. A custody dispute is when two parties disagree about who should be the primary caretaker of their child(ren) in the event of a divorce.

Unfortunately, because it is such a sensitive situation, custody disputes can be a drawn out and challenging process. The professionals at Schmidt Law Firm have expertise in various kinds of custody, such as:

  • Physical Custody
  • Legal Custody
  • Joint Legal custody
  • Joint Physical Custody

If you and your ex-spouse are going through a custody dispute, then consult with one of our attorneys at Schmidt Law Firm to get the assistance you need.

Nobody wants a distressing divorce. That’s why our attorneys have expertise in divorce law, where we will fight for the best outcome possible while keeping things clear and as civil as possible.

Our attorneys can guide you through the required process and other factors involved in a divorce, such as division of property, alimony awards, child custody, and child support.

Mediation is a recommended alternative to litigation, and Utah law requires divorcing couples with children to attend mediation. This is a process where you and your ex-spouse will work with a neutral third-party to reach agreements on any and all issues at hand. Discussions may resolve issues such as child custody and division of property.

Choosing the right mediator is essential for a successful resolution. The attorneys at Schmidt Law act as legal mediators, so call today if you would like to learn more about this service.

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At Schmidt Law, we understand that each individual’s situation is unique, and our team always works hard to provide a stable process.

If you need counsel for any family or divorce law issue, then call us at 801-990-6390 or contact us online today. When you work with us, you can rest easy knowing that your case is a priority.

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