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5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney in Salt Lake City

Have you ever woken up half drunk in a cell at your local jail? You haven’t? Good for you! Unfortunately, that’s not always the case for most people. Whether it’s a night drinking with the guys or an honest mistake, bad things happen to good people and when you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, you want to have somebody on your side who knows the law and help you get through it as painlessly as possible.

5 reasons someone might need to hire a Salt Lake Ciy Criminal Defense Attorney:

  • 1.You don’t know what you’re doing.

    I hate to sound mean but it’s the truth. Salt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorneys spend years learning how to do what they do properly. You have the right to refuse access to an attorney and you even have the right to represent yourself in court. You also have the right to drive your car off a cliff, but it’s simply not a very good idea. Attorneys have spent years learning the various nuances in the law, they know what they’re doing and they’re good at it. You wouldn’t put your life in the hands of a plane that you built in your garage, don’t put your life in the hands of a book that you may have picked up at your local library.

  • 2.You might be innocent.

    This probably won’t come as a surprise, but sometimes innocent people get arrested for crimes they didn’t commit. Some people commit a crime and get charged for a completely different crime. Just like any other person, Police make mistakes. They might accidentally charge you with a DUI when it should have been a simple Drunk and Disorderly. These things happen and you might never even know that the mistake was made or how to remedy it even if you did. Criminal Defense Attorneys specialize in looking at a criminal case from several different angles and doing what’s best for their client.

  • 3.You might be guilty.

    We’ve all made bad decisions, if your bad decision lands you on the wrong side of the law, you shouldn’t have to lose any more than necessary. ASalt Lake City Criminal Defense Attorneycan help you turn the tides in your favor. Depending on the crime that resulted from your aforementioned bad decision, a Criminal Defense Attorney can help you turn a 5 year prison sentence into 2 years of probation. This is a pretty extreme example but it’s also an example that I have personally seen.

  • 4.You have rights.

    Most people that find themselves in trouble with the law don’t necessarily know their rights. Every person has rights when they’re arrested and charged, they also have certain rights when it comes to their trial or sentencing. Knowing these rights could make a huge difference in how soon you get to go home to your family. Criminal Defense Attorneys know your rights and know how to respond when those rights have been violated.

  • 5.You’ll save money in the long run.

    So, you’ve hired a Criminal Defense Attorney and you’ve had your day in court. Let’s say that your charge normally carries a sentence of 6 months in jail and your attorney got you off on 2 years probation. You receive a bill from you attorney for $5000! That’s a lot of money but if you take all things into account, you’re still going to save money. Consider being out of work for 6 months, depending on your job you would probably lose more than that $5000 in income alone. If you also take into account jail fees and time away from your family, you’re going to wish that you had dropped $5000 on a lawyer.

    If you’re in a situation where you’re considering hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney then you’ve already made one mistake, don’t make another mistake by choosing not to hire one. Give theSchmidt Law Firm Law Firma call at 801-895-3113 and let our criminal defense attorney help you schedule a consultation.