Commonly Listed Legal Grounds for Divorce

Not all love stories are bound to end happily ever after. Unlike in fairy tales, marriages in real life are usually beset with various problems. As a consequence, many couples who no longer wish to reconcile their differences often consider filing for divorce just to end their suffering.

A number of factors come into play when it comes to ending a marriage. Psychological and social research claim that the common grounds for divorce may be due to lack of commitment, constant arguments, cheating, age, unrealistic goals and expectations, unequal responsibilities, poor preparation, and abuse.

Financial factors may also disrupt a harmonious martial union. In a study conducted last 2012, it was found out that “financial disagreements” are often cited as the most valid ground in many divorce cases.
Most Common Grounds for Divorce

Here’s a more detailed explanation about the common grounds for divorce. Remember, you need to consult a divorce lawyer in case you need to dissolve your marriage.


If you are a woman, you can choose to end your marriage if you find out that your husband cannot perform his sexual duties. Although this is not applicable in all states especially if fault-based divorces are accepted. This ground requires medical proofs and expert opinions during the hearing.


Although infidelity issues are obviously valid reasons to dissolve a union, the outcome and legal process may not be very predictable. If you are the aggrieved party, you can easily use this opportunity and expect a positive outcome. However, the court may also look into other aspects of your union. The court might question why you chose to condone your husband’s behavior in the past, and this may not work out to your favor.

In some instances, special investigators might be required to substantiate your claim and add more credible evidence. You may inquire about this service early on or your lawyer may be able to help.

Physical and Emotional Abuse

Domestic violence puts the life of a woman and her children at risk. In essence, all marriages should be anchored on trust and respect. However, this is not always the ideal situation. Many women frequently suffer from extreme physical abuse from their spouse.

Should you need further documents to prove your claim, you need to seek legal support from an experienced and licensed divorced attorney.

Substance Abuse

State laws vary when it comes to drug and substance abuse as ground for divorce. You should thoroughly discuss this matter with your lawyer. If your family’s safety has become problematic because of your alcoholic partner, then you can use this as your main reason. Your divorce attorney can provide you with the most relevant information.

For more expert legal advice, contact a law firm in your area. Look for law firms that specialize in family law, child support, divorce, custody disputes, and enforcement of orders. A highly skilled and experienced attorney who can offer you instant legal advice and reliable assistance will be able to help you deal with the stress when filing for a divorce.