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Four years ago during the past Presidential election campaign, President Obama promised to pass comprehensive immigration reform during the first year of his term. However, this did not happen — he focused on his Health Reform instead. And one major criticism of the first Obama Administration is that he lost the opportunity of working on an immigration reform back then when Democrats had a majority in Congress.

We have heard numerous opinions about immigration reform, especially during the last months. The Presidential election brought speculation about whether we were going to have the expected immigration reform during the next term. Democrat voters, in particular Hispanic Democratic voters, are confident Republicans and Democrats can work together to achieve it.

On November 14th, 2012 during a press conference President Obama said “we have to take advantage of the moment this country is living”. He signaled his optimism that this administration can present an immigration reform project and start the process in Congress days after the beginning of his second term. President Obama also stated his administration has already started conversations with Senators and Congressmen to figure out the best way to achieve immigration reform.

Republicans also seem ready to tackle immigration reform. Former US Secretary of Commerce Carlos Rodriguez announced the creation of a new group called “Republicans for an Immigration Reform.” This goal of this group is to provide independent support to those who support immigration reform. Mr. Rodriguez said that they will not only provide support for those Republican politicians who support immigration reform but will also work to defeat far-right Republicans who oppose this much-needed reform.

The primary stance of Republicans for an Immigration Reform is that immigrants contribute to the economic development of the United States. According to Carlos Rodriguez, “this country does not function without immigrants.” Finally, the former Secretary of Commerce emphasizes immigrants deserve to be legalized due to their efforts in the workforce and generally in communities across the country.

Members of immigrant communities, advocacy groups, and other Americans wait, hoping that Democrats and Republicans will work together towards comprehensive immigration reform in the best interest of the nation – a nation of immigrants.

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