Is Having a Bad Divorce Attorney Better Than No Attorney?

Going through a divorcecan be a miserable time in anyone’s life, yet can be greatly aided and expedited by the help of a skilled and experienced divorce attorney.

But what happens if the only possibility is hiring inexperienced representation freshly out of a fourth-tier law school? Should you still hire them on, or chance your luck at the divorce without the help of anyone else?

Of course, both may have their benefits. Here are some pros and cons of a less-than-stellar divorce attorney, and how they may even be able to help you out in the long run.


Naturally, a low-quality divorce attorney will not be as skilled with the legal terms and ramifications of your actions, and may not always be able to guide you in the correct direction depending on your circumstances. If they have poor management skills, then you may also have to be the party who remembers important dates and times for scheduled meetings, and keeps in mind time deadlines for the filing of important applications. Having a bad divorce attorney may indeed leave you with quite a few headaches, wondering why you hired them in the first place.

Additionally, if you and your spouse can come to agreements on the terms of the divorce, including those regarding division of property as well as custodial time with children, then a lawyer may not even be necessary. In this case, opting to work on your own, without the help of a low-quality divorce attorney, will ensure your desired outcome.


While there might be a host of cons associated with hiring a bad divorce attorney, it is impossible to outline the entirety of the issue without giving an overview of how they can be truly beneficial in this troubling time of your life.

Often times, you may wish to reach an agreed upon settlement with your spouse over the terms of the divorce, but they may be less inclined to cooperate with your desires, instead opting to speak through the words of hired counsel. If this happens in your case, then you will need to hire a lawyer simply to communicate your wants and needs over the course of the divorce.

With this, as you go through this procedure, you may have a variety of questions about legal terms and processes that are foreign to you, yet entirely pertinent to your role in the divorce. Even a terrible divorce attorney can help you understand everything you need to know about the legalities of your choices and actions.

Finally, once you come to agreed upon terms with your spouse, it is extremely important to have someone that can assist you if this contract is breached. For example, if your spouse breaks the terms of your deal regarding child custody, an attorney may be the only person that can help you shed light on this and change the terms in your favor.

Help is Help No Matter What

Even a bad divorce attorney can be truly helpful if you are going through a divorce. And if you cannot settle without the aid of counsel, seek out an excellent divorce attorney as soon as possible to ensure your health and happiness after this troubling time.