Law Graduate Passes New York State Bar Exam, May Not Practice Law Due to Immigration Status-Update

Months ago, Kareema Mitchell posted about Cesar Vargas, a graduate of New York City Law School who was brought illegally to the Unites States when he was five years old. Due to his immigration status, Vargas’ Bar admission was questioned even though he passed the Bar exam. However, now after several months, he has high probabilities of being admitted to the Bar and being licensed to practice law in the state of New York.

According to Cesar Vargas’ attorney, in New York, Cesar Vargas in not obligated to disclose what his immigration status is. He does not have to say whether he is or is not a legal resident or a citizen of the United States. Therefore, days ago Cesar Vargas sent his application to the state in order to be licensed as an attorney, accompanied with several support letters written by congressmen and other authorities. Vargas hopes to receive a positive answer this time.

Cesar Vargas’ case will be solved next week or during the next two months.

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