Utah Divorce Advice

Like it Never Happened . . . When Annulment is an Option

You know the scenario – you wake up after a wild night of Vegas-style partying to discover a gold band on your left ring finger. Panic-stricken, you desperately try to piece together what happened the night before. In the movies, the panic-stricken actor gets an annulment that same day. In reality, it may not be that simple.

Annulments are a sort of legal magic trick – the court makes the marriage disappear, as though it never happened at all. There are a myriad of reasons for seeking an annulment, whether they be religious or otherwise. However, the law only provides for annulments in fairly narrow cases, and it is important for those contemplating annulment to understand the circumstances under which annulment is available. In Utah, an annulment might be available under the following circumstances

1. Bigamous or polygamous marriages

2. One or more of the parties were under the age of majority (18) and their parents did not consent to the marriage

3. One or more of the parties’ divorce was not yet finalized at the time of marriage

4. The parties are losely related to each other by blood

5. Marriage occured between members of the same sex

6. Misrepresentation or fraud

7. One party’s refusal to consummate the marriage

There are various pros and cons to selecting annulment over divorce where annulment is a valid option. Seek the advice of a qualified domestic relations attorney to discuss whether annulment is the best option for you.