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Password Protection

Passwords… We all hate the subject of passwords. Sadly, is a necessary evil in today’s identity stealing world, and it’s our responsibility to protect what information we can with something as simple as a password. The problem is that passwords these days are used in every little thing and they all have to be somewhat different or have to be changed every other day. (Exaggeration added for extra empathy.) To keep this from being a long, drawn out story about how to create an amazing password that no one could ever break (including yourself) I’m simply going to say, keep these passwords safe. This is my “don’t” list on how to do that:

DON’T put your passwords on a sticky note and leave them out for the world to see.

DON’T write them down in a Word Doc that is titled “Passwords.”

DON’T give away details in open conversation that could expose potential passwords.

DON’T give away your passwords to anyone.

DON’T create the exact same (or close to the same with the exception of a “1” instead of a “2”) password in case someone does break your secret code. They will have access to every little detail of your life.

Obviously, this is a very small list of don’ts, but it is a start. Use your common sense when protecting this secret life code. One slip could mean identify recovery for the rest of your life.

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