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Temporary Marriage Contracts

So I was watching the news this morning and heard that Mexico is considering passing a new law which allows for a 2 year temporary marriage. They contemplate that parties interested in a “trial marriage” would actually obtain a marriage license that lasts for a period of 2 years. If the marriage does not “TAKE”, then it would be terminated without the need for a divorce action.

My initial thought was…”this will certainly cut down on the need for divorce attorneys! So that would be bad (oh I meant good), RIGHT?” But then I realized that they would still be needing some type of marriage agreement or contract to deal with what happens during the “trial marriage.” (WHEW, we would still have business!)

But from a human standpoint, we are already such a “fast food, instant gratification” generation, this type of marriage would certainly create a “who cares” attitude toward the relationship. The level of committment is short term and likely a person entering into this arrangement should probably just go to “Vegas” for a weekend, get married and then do a quicky divorce after they had their fun! This would probably have a less traumatic impact on the “FAMILY” and what in several cases would likely result in children being conceived into a sham marriage with little or no hope of success.