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In Jarkarta Indonesia, after just four days of marriage to his 17-year old bride, Aceng Fikri terminated the union through a text message. Aceng ended the marriage due to his now ex-wife claiming to be a virgin, when she allegedly was not. The public became outraged over the divorce, and the preceding marriage when Fani, the bride, came to the police stating Aceng had failed to disclose information to her as well. She alleged that Aceng was married to another woman, and had children at the time he married Fani even though he had informed her he was a widower. She requested Aceng be charged with falsifying his marital status. The validity of Fani’s accusations are being investigated by the police, but as of now no charges have been made. If Fani’s claims are proven true, and he indeed deceived her, he may be liable for a sexual offence against the teenager.

Although getting a text message divorce sounds unorthodox, Aceng’s attorney claims that this is allowed under the Islamish Sharia law.

Unfortunately, obtaining a divorce is typically not as simple as sending a text message. If you need assistance in your divorce case, our family law attorneys have the knowledge and experience necessary to facilitate it running as smoothly as possible.

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