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The Most Cost Effective Ways to Handle a DUI on St. Patrick’s Day

If you get arrested on St. Patrick’s Day for drunk driving, then you might be looking for money saving ideas to handle the legal dilemma you now find yourself in. Truth is … the most cost effective way to handle a DUI received on St. Patrick’s Day is to get a good lawyer. How can a lawyer be more cost effective than doing it yourself? There is a legal saying: “A person who represents himself in court has a fool for a client.” If you do not know the laws pertaining to DUI the way an experienced DUI attorney does, hen it will cost you much more in money, time, and life than you could have anticipated.

Choosing a Quality DUI Attorney

The first thing an attorney can help you remember is, even though you may know that you were drinking and driving, under the legal system of the United States you are innocent until proven guilty. Secondly, an experienced DUI attorney will know, if the arresting officers followed proper procedure in stopping you, arresting you, testing your blood alcohol level, and charging you, or if they overstepped any legalities of due process along the way. If your rights as a citizen were violated, the case may be thrown out altogether.

Lastly, if you are found guilty, then a quality DUI lawyer can mitigate the potential damage a conviction may bring upon you, your job, and your family. A lawyer may direct you to counseling, which could possibly lessen the severity of your punishment. A good lawyer could also possibly lessen your punishment and help you avoid jail time.

Do Not Choose a Discount Attorney

awyers, like everyone in business, are in the business of making money. Discount lawyers, may seem like the best deal, but they cannot pay to defend everyone, or they would be put out of business. Normally, discount lawyers operate on a high volume, low overhead model, so it is likely you will not get the attention your case needs or the quality of legal defense you need individually.

Do Not Choose a General Practitioner Attorney

In general, there is nothing wrong with general practitioner attorneys. However, when it comes to defending your St. Patrick’s Day DUI case, a lawyer, who specializes in DUI defense, is your best bet. Just like a family doctor, who refers you to a specialist, when the problems become more severe, a general practitioner attorney knows he/she could handle your case with some representation, but is not fully experienced and specialized in DUI defense.

Choose a Reasonably Priced DUI Specialist

At first glance, selecting an experienced attorney, who is a DUI specialist, may not seem like the most cost effective way to handle St. Patrick’s Day DUI. When you weigh all the options, the reasoning will become evident. While a DUI specialist may cost more up front, his/her experience in defending DUI cases and specific understanding of the laws pertaining to DUI will help you avoid costs in the long term, when the court case is over. Here are some straightforward examples (using simple dollar amounts for argument’s sake):

  • If a discount lawyer costs you $500, but you receive a guilty verdict, because of the attorney’s inattentive business model, were the savings up front worth the jail time and likely bloated court and legal fees?

  • If an experienced attorney specializing in DUI defense cases charges a $3000 fee, yet you are found not guilty (or get off easy on a plea deal), was the larger up front cost worth it?

Most people realize quickly that an experienced DUI attorney is the best and most cost effective way to handle a DUIcase received on St, Patrick’s Day.