When Should You Hire An Immigration Attorney?

nyone, who has faced immigration issues, knows the importance of finding a quality immigration attorney. When it comes to immigration laws and the possibility of deportation and other legal matters, it is critical that you enlist the help of an experienced immigration lawyer, so you can give yourself a fighting chance.

Immigration law is always changing and is oftentimes very difficult to understand. An experienced immigration attorney will be well versed in the procedures, laws, and precedence that govern non-U.S. citizens. A quality attorney will be able to give you all of the legal immigration options that apply to your case and help you complete and correctly file any immigration petitions.

When is the Right Time to Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

Some of the main benefits to having a good immigration attorney are:

  • Preparing legal paperwork, documents, and petitions properly

  • Understanding immigration procedures and protocols

  • Avoiding unnecessary processing delays

Immigration lawyers are trained in immigration law. Most people, especially foreign citizens, are not in the least educated in immigration paperwork filing and petition procedures. To give yourself the best chance of winning your case or filing for citizenship status correctly, the best time to hire an immigration attorney is anytime you have a legal issue involving immigration. As early as possible is when you should hire an immigration attorney.

Questions to Ask as You Look to Hire an Immigration Attorney

Here are some good “rule-of-thumb” questions to ask as you look to hire an immigration lawyer.

  • What is the extent of the immigration attorney’s experience with practicing immigration law?

  • If the lawyer practices other types of law, how much of their work is spent on immigration law? Finding a lawyer, who is focused solely or mostly on immigration work, is important.

  • Does the attorney possibly have prior experience with your type of immigration issue or case?

  • Does the lawyer offer a free initial consultation to gain an understanding of your case, before you are required to hire them?

  • What methods of contact does the attorney offer? Cell phone? Email? Office Phone?

  • Will the attorney you meet with for your initial consultation be the one handling your case?

  • When you contact the law firm/lawyer with questions, will you be contacting the lawyer or directly, or will you be speaking with a paralegal?

Common Types of Immigration Cases

There are a wide range of immigration cases and issues that an attorney can assist you with. Some of the more common immigration cases are:

  • Work and Employment Visas

  • Deportation Proceedings

  • Adjustments Status

  • Family Visas: K3, K2, K1

  • Waivers (Unlawful presence, Waiver for past criminal convictions

  • Asylum Applications

  • Domestic Violence

Immigration laws are constantly changing. Because the law is in a constant state of flux, immigration law and procedures can be very difficult to follow and comprehend. Knowledgeable immigration attorneys counsel and represent non-U.S. citizens facing immigration issues. Because most people are not raised with an innate knowledge of immigration law, the right time to hire an immigration attorney is any time you have an immigration related legal issue.