Why Is January Deemed “Divorce Month”

No matter the reason, there is no “perfect” time to file for a divorce. However, it does appear that most people in the United States feel that January happens to be the right time to do so. According to statistics published by, January a significantly larger amount of breakups than any other month of the year. This is experienced so often that attorneys across the country have given January its special name. Let’s take a look at why January divorces are such a commonly-noticed trend in America.

Waiting Until After the Holidays

Emotions run high during the holiday season and marriages often experience added stress as a result. Feelings of anger or unhappiness are often amplified during this time of year. Nevertheless, most people frown at the thought of breaking their spouse’s heart by asking for a divorce as a Christmas present.

In addition to this, the holidays are supposed to be a magical time for children. There is nothing enchanting about telling the kids that mommy and daddy have to live in separate houses from now on. Which parent will get Santa privileges on Christmas morning? Logically, most couples feel it simply makes sense to wait until the holidays are over before filing for their divorce.

New Year’s Resolutions

A brand new year brings with it a desire to start fresh. When New Year’s Eve hits, many people think of their lives and what they wish were different about them. This is what New Year’s resolutions are all about. Some people feel it is time to wipe the slate clean and they decide against experiencing another year of misery and unhappiness. Those who have waited all year to take action now have an excuse to make a change that they hope will make them happier in the long run. Time to visit a local attorney.

Tax Information is Readily Available

As January is the start of tax season, some people see this timing as an added benefit as many of the same documents needed to file taxes are needed for divorce. People begin receiving their W-2’s or 1099’s and perhaps begin to dream of different ways they will spend their refund. Married couples may choose to file jointly for one last time to reap the monetary benefits. Through the filing of their taxes, each person in the marriage must disclose their monetary income accurately. A wife may find it beneficial to know exactly how much her partner made so that she can file for child or spousal support accordingly.

Ideal Time to Establish Child Custody Orders

January is the ideal time to establish child custody orders because the major holidays have passed and there is plenty of time to plan for their children’s summer vacation schedules, travel plans and more for the upcoming year. Custody and visitation issues generally take at least 2 months before they are even heard by a judge.

Time to Prepare the Family Home for Sale

Another reason why so many people choose to file for divorce in January is because of their situation with the family home. If the home is to be sold, there may be many tasks to attend to. If planning to sell it, some home improvements may need to be completed before attempting this. Potential realtors need to be interviewed and the house put on the market. One partner may also decide to consult an accountant to decide if they could handle paying the property taxes by themselves, in order to keep the house.

Divorce Lawyers in Utah

Perhaps you are reading this and wondering if the time is right for you to contact a Salt Lake City divorce attorney. Even if you are just considering a divorce, it is a good idea to speak with a professional in order to start the process on the right foot. The qualified team at Schmidt Law Law Firm will grant you the compassion you need while we defend the rights that you deserve. Be confident that the legal counsel you receive at Schmidt Law will empower you with options and provide you with all of the tools you need to make an informed decision.