Utah Divorce Advice

How a Salt Lake City Divorce Attorney Can Help You

Despite the high rate of divorce in this country, nobody thinks about or has plans to have to go through the process as they’re reciting their vows. However, about half of all married couples will face this complicated process during some point, and when facing or contemplating a divorce or other separation agreement, it is important to go through the proceedings with as much assistance and knowledge as possible. No area of the law is simple, and that includes divorce law, because there are often many sensitive issues at stake – assets, money, children – which is why some divorces take months, or even years to complete. To make sure you are making the right choices during the process, it is important to know the law and know your rights before stepping into a courtroom. That’s where a Salt Lake City divorce attorneycan step in and be your advocate.

If you are the spouse initiating the proceedings, a divorce attorney can help you decide where to begin depending on your situation. For instance, if you are not married but are separating from someone you have been with for a long time, the law may recognize this as a common law marriage, in which case you may be able to obtain a divorce decree in order to settle issues such as child custody and support, alimony, and property and debt division. Other routes taken besides a traditional divorce are annulment, temporary separation, and separate maintenance. Your divorce attorney is an expert on this area of law, and will be able to explain which is your best course of action. In addition, though most divorces are no-fault and are granted on grounds of “irreconcilable differences,” there are many grounds on which the court may grant an at-fault divorce, which if proven can help your side of the case. A good attorney who is well-versed in matters of family law will be able to make this determination based on the facts of your particular case.

No matter which route is appropriate for you, a divorce lawyer can assist you with the various legal documents associated with the divorce or separation. This in and of itself can be a complicated process, which your attorney can assist you with every step of the way, helping you fill out the paperwork while explaining to you exactly what you are submitting to the court and why.

The best reason to hire a divorce attorney is that, without one by your side, there’s no way to assure that your rights are protected and that you are getting everything you are entitled to under Utah law. Any attorney is required to represent you to Utah Divorce Attorneythe best of his or her ability and with your best interests at heart, which includes making sure you are making the right decisions in terms of what is fair for you. It will be the job of your attorney to help you understand Utah law and what it entitles you to in terms such as asset and debt division, as well as child custodyand parent time, child support, and alimony. Spouses will have a chance to agree on these issues as they see fit, but this is where disputes often arise. Separating spouses often cannot agree on much of anything, especially if there was infidelity or some other bad blood between the parties. And yet, the vast majority of divorce cases settle before trial, meaning both spouses ultimately agree to the terms of the divorce. But how are you supposed to know what is and isn’t fair, and why is it that divorce cases usually don’t end up in court? This is where the assistance of a divorce attorney is invaluable, because it will be your attorney’s job to step in and negotiate with your spouse or your spouse’s attorney until an agreement that is satisfactory to you and your needs is met. Without the experience and know-how of a divorce attorney, you and your soon-to-be-ex-spouse — or his or her attorney — could end up fighting tooth and nail for every last penny of liquid assets and every last minute of parent time.

Divorce can be an emotional and legal roller coaster, but with anexperienced divorce attorneyby your side, the process can go much smoother and you can have the confidence that you are making the right decisions.