Utah Divorce Advice

Should You Have an Attorney for Divorce in Utah?

Going through a divorce can be one of the most unpleasant and miserable experiences of your adult life. From contemplating your future life, to settling on who owns what, separating from a spouse is a process that should never be taken lightly.

And while some people choose to go at this daunting task alone, others take a different route by enlisting in the help of an attorney to guide them along the way. Divorce lawyers can both act as legal counsel and a shoulder to lean on, and are an incredibly helpful form of support when times are rough.

Your Side of Divorce Law

During a divorce, discussions about financial and marital possessions can become heated quickly without a third party to mediate. Without the existence of a pre-nuptial agreement, pre-marital assets are up for grabs and can be attacked by either side. And even with documents protecting those finances, anything owned collectively during the marriage is now at stake.

An experienced divorce attorneycan work aggressively and quickly to not only mediate the conflict between you and your spouse, but also ensure that you continually have access to everything that is rightfully yours. Without a skilled divorce lawyer, your separation could leave you without a roof over your head.

Child Custody and Divorce

Children become a large issue when dealing with a divorce. Verbal agreements between two spouses can be honored at will, but can be breached effortlessly if one party chooses to do so.

A good divorce lawyer can help you draft appropriate and fair documents that clearly state who has custody over your children. If you believe that you have a right to a certain amount of time with your kids, your child custody lawyer can spend time working towards that goal to make sure that your children remain a large part of your life.

Somebody to Lean On through a Divorce

While a knowledgeable divorce attorney can act as your legal counsel and protect your rights and your assets, they can also act as an ally in your corner who helps you through this difficult time. Friends and family can be a wonderful source of sympathy and encouragement, but an attorney who is on your side of the case will be working with you closely as you travel through this new channel of your life. They can offer suggestions from experience, advice on the correct course of action, or just a listening ear that can ease your tensions and ensure you that you will emerge from this ordeal in one piece

Don’t Do it Alone (Divorce)

The best defenses come in pairs. If you are going through a divorce from your spouse and you’re struggling with the next step, look to a divorce attorney for help. They can guide you along the way as you put this behind you and start your new life.

Stacey Schmidt is the lead counsel of the divorce and family law team at Schmidt Law. She works hard to ensure that all of her clients receive a fair and equitable outcome.