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Why Experience Matters When Hiring A Utah Attorney

Imagine riding the white water of the Colorado River during peak season armed with nothing more than a guidebook, a canoe, and a paddle. Imagine trying to navigate through giant rapids, steer around boulders the size of trucks, and stay afloat without the aid of a strong raft, proper equipment, and an experienced river guide. Your chances of having a successful run, let alone surviving the trip, are downright slim.

Hire An Experienced Utah Attorney

Going through legal proceedings without an experienced attorney at your back doesn’t make much more sense. An experienced attorney helps clients navigate through a complicated and often overwhelming legal system, counseling them in regards to their legal options and advocating for them in the courtroom.

In the past, I’ve found it interesting to watch the body language of different people involved in court proceedings. It’s easy to see, from simple observation, that there are a hundred different places most people would rather be. At times, their eyes are bewildered as they try to comprehend the meaning of words exchanged between attorneys and judges. They squirm on the edge of their seat, checking the time, thrown off-balance by the tension that fills the court room. Trying to succeed in such an environment without an experienced attorney is like trying to river-run the Colorado without a river guide.

Fortunately, an experienced attorney is someone who is comfortable in the court room. Watching a confident attorney walk into the courtroom is like watching the star point guard of your favorite NBA team step onto the court. They think quickly on their feet and are able to take control the game. A competent attorney is articulate, persuasive, and understands the language of law—language that is foreign to the Average Joe. A competent attorney is also a good translator, having the ability not only to explain laws and regulations in terms clients can understand, but to help clients make sound decisions in light of those laws.

When significant events take place in your life that make involvement in the legal process necessary, you want the best possible outcome from that process. A good attorney understands just how important a favorable outcome is to their client. They not only counsel their client concerning their legal options, but they also “go to bat” for their client, using their specialized knowledge to accomplish the best possible results.

When a group of tourists pays to run the Colorado River, an experienced river guide doesn’t take them halfway and then announce that the trip is over. They lead them down the entire, scenic length of the river, giving them their money’s worth. Likewise, an exceptional attorney won’t cut corners, doing just enough work to achieve an outcome that is sub-par. A competent attorney knows the stakes, how important those stakes are to their client, and is willing to take risks to champion their client’s case through to the end.

Above all, an experienced attorney has the ability to put their client at ease—to help their client, if not feel comfortable in the court room, to at least walk in knowing they won’t capsize and become lost in the legal process, because they have someone they trust who will to fight for their best interests. In an environment as overwhelming as the courtroom, what more can a person ask for?