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What NOT to do in Court

We here at Schmidt Law take a great deal of pride in our reputation as a firm. We are known for our exceptional professionalism. It seems however an occasional reminder of courtroom decorum is called for. This was discussed in a previous blog.So instead of rehashing what is appropriate for court, this blog will provide a great example of what NOT to do in court…. ever.

In Florida, a young adult flipped the bird at the judge and threw in an F bomb, I guess for good measure. The judge was understandably upset. Her bail had originally been set at $5,000.00, but after she failed to show proper respect for the court, the judge increased her bail to $10,000.00. At this point our defendant flipped off the court and cursed the court. The judge’s response, 30 days in jail for contempt. See the whole drama unfold in the above link. Case dismissed!

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