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Why You Might Need a Utah Employment Attorney

The last excuse you want to give your family when you miss the Jazz game is that you were working unpaid overtime again. Or worse yet, that you couldn’t buy tickets because you weren’t getting paid on time at work. How a Utah Employment Attorney Can Help You If either of these situations sounds like […]

Why Experience Matters When Hiring A Utah Attorney

Imagine riding the white water of the Colorado River during peak season armed with nothing more than a guidebook, a canoe, and a paddle. Imagine trying to navigate through giant rapids, steer around boulders the size of trucks, and stay afloat without the aid of a strong raft, proper equipment, and an experienced river guide. […]

Consequences of Domestic Violence Conviction

A conviction for a domestic violence crime carries more direct, indirect and collateral consequences than a conviction for any other offense. Domestic violence convictions carry serious and often life-long consequences that may significantly affect your personal rights and privileges, family life and career. Criminal Penalties: In Utah, a felony domestic violence conviction carries a possible […]

Domestic Violence v. Assault: What’s the Difference?

Assault is a misdemeanor criminal offense in the State of Utah. Domestic violenceis not an independent criminal offense but an enhancement to other crimes of violence. Pursuant to Utah Code Ann. §76-5-102, a person is guilty of assault if he/she uses unlawful force or violence, threatens to use unlawful force or violence or attempts to […]

What Legal Ramifications is Aaron Hernandez Facing?

The NFL is no stranger to controversy. Since the Ravens took home the victory in Super Bowl XLVII on February 3 of this year, 27 players have been arrested and charged with a range of crimes, from public intoxication to attempted murder. One of the latest names to add to this list is Aaron Hernandez, […]